Inna Schultheiss is a designer and maker behind LJÒS Studio based in Münster, Germany.

Wishing to explore traditional crafts, Inna has worked with glass, stone and wood since 2011 until she finally found the medium she enjoyed the most. Using recycled silver and brass Inna creates jewellery and kinetic sculptures with memorable and distinctive designs.

“Creating of a new design usually starts with a long walk through the woods. I take in every detail: pattern of a tree bark, curve of a twig, symmetrical lines on a leaf, shapes of mushrooms, lichens, petals. I’m looking for soft organic shapes, something I can work with. I then draw, multiply, merge them together and in the end I find a perfect shape, this wonderful plant or maybe even a creature the world haven’t seen yet.


My home is very quiet, very still and I felt like it was in need of some kind of movement. This is when I made my first mobile - kinetic sculpture. Something that is not only visually pleasing but almost alive. I move, it moves. 

It’s been also inspired by the coldest of seasons. Preparing for winter to come I wanted to create something bright and warm, something that could catch and reflect as much light as we get during the winter season. Brass seemed like a perfect material to choose for this purpose. 

I’d like to think that the objects I create make people more curious about their surroundings. Nowadays we rarely take a moment for contemplation. I cherish the hope that my kinetic sculptures will inspire people to take a moment to observe.”