OLIS mobile (small)


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Guided by the air around, this mobile brings an element of elegant movement, catching and reflecting light.

Each mobile is made to order.
Please give us 4-6 days for production before shipping.

Product Information

"My home is very quiet, very still and I felt like it was in need of some kind of movement. This is when I made my first mobile. Something that is not only visually pleasing but almost alive. I move, it moves. 

It’s been also inspired by the coldest of seasons. Preparing for winter to come I wanted to create something bright and warm, something that could catch and reflect as much light as we get during the winter season. Brass seemed like a perfect material to choose for these purposes. 

I’d like to think that the objects I create make people more curious about their surroundings. Nowadays we rarely take a moment for contemplation. I cherish the hope that my kinetic sculptures will inspire people to take a moment and observe.”

Inna Schultheiss, designer and maker at LJÓS studio

Size or Dimensions

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The body of the mobile:  H x W  40 x 29 cm
The mobile hangs from the ceiling on a 2 meter long transparent line.

Product Details

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Name: PLAAT (small)
Material: Brass
Designer:  Inna Schultheiss
Design year: 2020

Special Instructions

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This mobile could be hanged from an anchored hook in the ceiling. The brass is treated with a layer of relearn varnish to prevent brass from tarnishing.